Marvel universe has begun to dwell into really uncharacteristic territories, especially since they have collaborated with the Disney+ platform for their releases. The latest addition to this group is WandaVision who, from the looks of it, is similar to Scarlet Witch. The show intends to further the chronicles of Wanda Maximoff since the last of the Avengers movie. The show has a very promising plot where Vision and Wanda move from one epic sitcom to another and lead a normal lifestyle in the suburbs despite superpowers. But soon enough, they realize that there is more to it than meets the eye. The show is molded in a way that it can be treated as a prequel to the upcoming ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ movie. Disney+ released a teaser trailer for the show as part of Marvel-related shows/films to be released on the streaming platform.

The first look of the show suggested that the two are in a yesteryear era, but their timeline is spinning. The show’s shooting commenced in November last year in Georgia.  Luckily, the on-site shoot had concluded before the global pandemic struck, but the post-production tasks and VFX editing was pending. Much later, an official announcement stated that the show would resume shooting in Los Angeles in the seventh month of this year. That is a clear indication that the makers are not satisfied with some parts of the show and will have to reshoot some bits.

Jac Schaeffer is the creator of the show and has made ample contributions in writing some Marvel movies like Captain Marvel and the unreleased Black Widow. Jac made headlines for her inclusive attitude when she created a team of writers of all colors and minority genders.  Matt Shakman will be sitting in the director’s chair for WandaVision. He is also well known for directing parts of Game of Thrones.

Elizbeth Olsen and Paul Bettany will be back on the screen in their respective roles of Scarlet Witch and Vision. But the show also holds a lot of possible cameo roles. Kevin Feige, Marvel Studio President, used the 2019 Comic-Con as a platform to announce that the show is due to premiere in 2021, but Disney+ later updated people that they will release the show in 2020 itself. It was further stated that the show is expected to release in December 2020, but there was no specific date mentioned. Marvel had said that the show’s first season will have six episodes, but sources suggest that they may have added three more episodes.

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