“Doomsday Heist” in “Grand Theft Auto Online” technically has three different Heists fitted in one. “Act One” is just the preparation, but is a vital factor that makes the other acts move smoothly. Because of the process, this following heist is the longest and tricky. From this difficult mission, you can earn a great payout that you will get at the end of the mission. Act One of Doomsday Heist is created in three prep missions, three setups, and a finale before moving on to Act Two. So prepare your crew and read the guide to complete the Act One of Doomsday Heist.

GTA Online Doomsday Heist Act One Guide

After getting the elite team through purchasing or if you already have, you can start the Doomsday Heist and operate the mission preparation board. You will have 3 prep missions and 3 setup missions. After beginning every next mission, you have to get back to the facility first.

Paramedic Equipment Prep

The first prep mission is to steal an ambulance that has paramedic equipment inside. The following ambulance will appear on the mini-map by a mark, but there will be police around it. You don’t have to fight with cops. Send one crew member to drive it safely to the facility. Once the driver enters the ambulance, you have to protect it. There’ll be some interrupters in the mission that will try to fail your mission. You have to stop the interrupters and also lose the cops if they chase the driver. Clear the path of the driver as soon as possible to complete the mission.

Dead Courier Setup

After completing the first prep mission, the second prep mission will unlock. In this mission, you have to split your team into two parts. The first team has to get the dead agent’s data from the morgue while the second team has to get back with the stolen helicopter.

The first team will be in a paramedic’s costume and drive over the morgue in a new ambulance without letting anyone know about it. After entering the morgue, move right and locate the cold storage space. Locate carefully, and you’ll find it on the right side. There’ll be 3 potential bodies to examine. Split the members and interact with those bodies to find the agent.

Your next task is to move to the top floor. Locate the fire exit door to move on the top floor. You’ll find a door on the left side of the lift and come up through the stairs. Go straight to a room, and some cops will force you to move out. Be careful, and try to be stealthy.

Move on to another door through the room. While moving on to the right side, you will find a laptop. Begin the downloading of the data, and once it’s done, you have to get yourself out to get picked up by the second team through a helicopter.

The second team will operate the helicopter and rescue team one. Move to “La Mesa” and wait for “savage.” Enter savage and follow another chopper to “the El Burro Heights.” There you need to deal with plenty of guards and take in a briefcase. After doing it, you just need to get a chopper and pick team one and lose the police.

Deluxos Prep

This prep is quite simple, and you just need to get to a waypoint, eliminate some guards, pick the keys to unlock a garage, and steal 4 Deluxos. While driving, stop the cars at the “LS Customs” to repaint those cars, and that’s all.

Signal Intercepts Setup

After getting the Deluxos, you just need to target four vehicles to take them in your control while they are moving. To complete the mission easily, you can split the members to target every vehicle. Remember to maintain a distance from the trucks that you’re going to operate, so they can’t shoot you. If any of your Deluxos cars are destroyed, your mission will be over instantly. If you took control over the truck, blow it up.

After destroying the trucks, a new target will pop on your screen. In your next objective, you have to destroy the boats. So, simply turn your vehicle in hover mode and repeat the same process as you did with trucks.

Your last object is at LSIA airport, where you need to operate a Jumbo Jet. After you get there, you will find one member is working on operation Jet, and another three members are looking out for the enemy helicopters. So simply have to use your missiles to take those helicopters before letting them come closer. After obtaining the data, destroy the Jet as well.

Akula Prep

In this prep, you will be sent to “Fort Zancudo” to access a Control Tower computer to get the Akula helicopter location. The best thing you can do here is to move the right side for the elevators to easily move at the tower’s top. You will only have nine minutes to complete the mission, so you just have to interact with the available phones to download the data.

If no attacker saw you, keep your downloading running, and when it’s done, get back as fast as possible. Steal any armored vehicle to break the fences and escape directly from the location. You simply need to move to the airport where you will see some guards. Simply kill the guards and get the Akula to the base to complete this prep.

Server Farm Setup

The final objective of Act One is that you have sneaked into the N.O.O.S.E. facility and steal the data without letting anyone see you. It’s quite easy in GTA Online to activate the stealth mode. So move slowly and let everyone activate their stealth mode first. Shoot the cameras and guards by using silent pistols. Wait for the security head to arrive and once he’s arrived, get inside after killing him.

Sneak in and shoot the guards when no other guard is nearby. After killing the enemy, move slowly to the server room. You might see some guards there, so kill them before accessing the marked targets. Cover the members when more guards arrive and head to the elevator as fast as possible after accessing complete. Enter the Akula and get out from there.


After finishing the preps and setup missions, the finale will unlock. Every member will get a specific role, so remember their responsibilities. You and your team will go to the IAA Base to access and kill the operators. You’ll see numerous guards there, so be ready with plenty of ammo and armor. Get into the base and kill every guard and move inside the War Room. After entering the room, your main task will begin, where you have to destroy all gun cameras. Once your team takes over the place and moves outside, your mission will end.


Doomsday Heist Act One clearly shows how action and storyline can fit perfectly. Act One is just the first section of Doomsday Heist, but Act Two is also worth playing. After completing Act One, players will earn a massive payout.

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