The flagship cameras of Cannon have been around the leaderboards of the top DSLRs, but what they needed was the innovation. Being a competitor, Sony had been progressing and making innovations day by day, Fujifilm, on the other hand, had been making massive progress in both medium format and APS-C. Even brands comparatively smaller than Canon like Olympus had been creating powerful software so that they can make something new additional effects from their cameras. Canon was endlessly releasing its tired DSLRs after dull point-and-shoot. It seemed like Fujifilm and Sony were topping up the sales charts compared to Canon and Nikon, which once had been two big names in the camera industry. But then Canon just woke up.

We don’t know what exactly woke up Cannon, but, yes, EOS R5 is something to be considered. Not only Canon has released the mirrorless cameras that they were going to launch and compete against the Sony at the MILC Overlord title, but the R5 looks better than the ones out there, and it can easily take up the crown being the mirrorless camera in the market. Canon is making an effort to bounce back,

The R5 has various Canon shooters. It seems like Canon is just getting started. This week, Canon has launched its third mirrorless body, and it is even more video-centric compared to the R5: the EOS C70.

This compact camera seems to deliver its promises in Canon’s Cinema range, and it can also replace the outdated cameras of Canon’s cinema family, while it features a sporting and shiny new mirrorless RF mount. Your old glass can still function with the help of an adapter. The C70 has the potential to give an impressive result in the videography sector. Also, it is half the price of the EOS C300 III and has retained its Super 35 sensor. According to us, there is no doubt that Canon has done something which is really impressive.

The flagship camera of Canon, the EOS 1D X III is the professional DSLR body that you will see in the hands of various top sports, photojournalists, photographers. The EOS 1D X III is a camera body which is consistent and impressively executed and which can easily withstand in different challenging situations. The R1 is going to become Canon’s first titan in the mirrorless world. Sony can also enter into this business soon to expedite its plans.


We are still not sure what actually woke Canon up or if they were even asleep, but we are happy to see them back. If they had made a delay, they would have indeed lost on the ground, and Sony would have come up to the top. The competition in the mirrorless technology sector would definitely benefit consumers and prosumers.

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