The Google Play Store has over a million apps that can be categorized into utility apps, entertainment apps, games, tools, and much more. Tons of apps offer significant customizations to your Android experience. But what stands out are the apps that can change the way you’ve been using your android devices. In this list, we’re counting down our picks for the best Android apps that can transform your phone usage.

Lynket Browser

While browsing through the web on Android, we often find ourselves in a situation where we feel like loading tabs or opening articles not now, but later. This is where the Lynket Browser comes extremely handy. This is not your typical browser where you have to open the links in a new tab and then wait for them to load. Lynket browser is capable of loading tabs in the background. The tabs will show up as bubbles on the screen, which you can open while using any other app or from the home screen at any given time. Despite being simple, this app is extensively useful and can change the way you browse over the web. The best part is, it makes use of Custom Tabs, meaning the floating bubbles don’t hog memory in your RAM. You also get the functionality to open tabs speedily in the AMP mode and read articles conveniently in the article mode.

Super Status Bar

Android is often known for the fantastic customization options available to its user interface. The newer versions of Android are focusing even more on providing the users with a fully customizable interface. This is accompanied by tons of third-party apps that provide you with a great deal of control to make changes in the way how your default OS looks. But there weren’t many options out there for customizing the status bar. Most of the apps only focused on providing customizations to the app layout, wallpapers, widgets, app drawers, home screen layout, e.t.c. But this is changing; the Super Status Bar allows you to enjoy additional features from the status bar. You can swipe along the top of the screen to adjust brightness or volume; you can use a ticker for getting previews of incoming notifications. You can set up many more gestures, customize the battery monitor, and even change how the panel looks.

Notification Notes

Sometimes less is more. This is a simple app that allows you to create tiny notes which you can pin to the notification bar as reminders. This app makes so much sense that you start questioning why this feature isn’t made available as a default Android functionality. The app doesn’t offer a dozen features, nor does it need to. It simply allows you to create notes quickly and then pin them to the status bar. You get the option to group the notes or activate/deactivate the current notes. The notes will display in the notification panel irrespective of where you are, be it an app, a phone call, or your lock screen, whenever you swipe down to see the notification panel, you’ll be reiterated from these notes.

Universal Copy

How many times have you wished to copy a piece of text from a youtube video description, a Tweet, or an Instagram caption? It’s just not possible sometimes to copy texts from these apps. Well, the Universal Copy is here to the rescue! This app provides you with a clipboard that can copy texts from everywhere in your Android. Regardless of what app you’re using, you have the functionality to copy-paste texts by long pressing on the chosen piece of text.

Nova Launcher

Gone are the days when you had no other option than to stick with your default app interface. Nova Launcher is known to be one of the best third-party launchers. What sets this app apart if the amount of customization it offers and how seamlessly it blends with your OS. You can customize almost every aspect of your Android’s app launcher experience. It offers features like customizing how app icons look, custom home screen, custom lock screen, custom notifications, app-transition animations, and some fantastic-looking wallpapers. This is a one-stop-shop app for your Android customizations. It also comes with a ton of robust gesture controls that can transform the way you interact with the smartphone.

This was a compilation of some of the best Android apps that can change the way you’re using your device. However, there are tons of other apps out there that offer some additional functionality to your Android. All the apps mentioned here can be used by a general audience and are worth your try. Now provide a fresh look to your Android and enjoy the seamless functionality of these apps.

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